Understanding Kingdoms

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Kingdom Principles: Preparing for Kingdom Experience and Expansion (Understanding Kingdom)

Understanding Kingdoms

  • Kingdom; basileia NT:932 – denoting, “Sovereignty, Royal power, Dominion”(which) reigneth, “lit, “hath a kingdom”
  • Malkut OT:4438, “Kingdom; Reign; Rule” Denotes and King and the territory.
  • The word malkut occurs 91 times in the Hebrew Old Testament.
  • Sovereign means whatever I allow to happen, happens, and Jesus confers sovereign royal power to us. Whatever happens on earth is my responsibility. We are waiting for God to do things but God is waiting on us.

The Power of a Concept

  • There is nothing more powerful than an idea thought.
  • Ideas are the raw material for the creation of Concepts. Concepts are produce by ideas. Concepts are the source of communication.
  • Concepts are the foundation for our communication and determine success of our understanding, if you don’t have the same concept I have then you and I can never understand one other. So is importance for you to appreciate the power of ideas.
  • If your concepts are wrong then your conclusion will be wrong. And if your conclusion is wrong then you will have misconception of fallen to error – thus a misconception or error. The most importance thing you want to do in life is to get the right concept from people. Misconception is a result of discernerious of understandings of concepts.
  • The original concept is always in the mind of the source or the sender who is sending information to you.  The only person that knows what they mean is the one who is talking.
  • The original concept of God’s plan for man was Kingdom. Concept is an idea that being crystallised in a person’s mind and they get a picture of it, and they are trying to convert the picture to you by using words. The only problem is you must have the same concept already. Whenever God speaks to mankind, he first will always make sure that we have the same concepts that he is using words to define so that we can walk away with the same results.

    The original concept that God uses for himself to describe himself what he is doing to us is the word Kingdom. The problem is in most our modern society they are no more Kingdoms, democracy is not a Kingdom, republic is not a Kingdom, socialism is not a Kingdom, communism is not a Kingdom, democracy sociality is not a Kingdom,  and yet the bible talks about the kingdom, so they is a breakdown communication between mankind and God.

The 14 Components of a Kingdom

  1. A King
  2. A Lord ( the King is the Lord)
  3. A territory (Domain)
  4. A Constitution – This is the body of information, The king contract with his subject
  5. Laws – by which the kingdom operates
  6. Keys – this are principles by which the kingdom works
  7. Citizens – this are the people that the king chooses to be in his kingdom. Once you’re a citizens the kingdom takes over the responsibility of your life.
  8. A health program—healing
  9. An educational program–teaching the ministry of the Holy Spirit
  10. A taxation system—tithing
  11. A central communication system–gifts of the Spirit
  12. A diplomatic corps–Ambassadors of Christ
  13. A system of administration–the ministration of the Spirit through mankind called the Church
  14. An economy–a system of giving and receiving (seed time and harvest time).

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Understanding Kingdoms The Principle and Power of Kingdom Citizenship: Keys to Experiencing Heaven on Earth

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