The Result of Democracy

The Result of Democracy

  1. People are motivated by self-preservation (i can look after myself they say, so they sell their body to look after they children. They sell their pride to maintain and pay their rent. They sell their integrity to just pay their bill. They sell their dignity.)
  2. Scarcity (war is fought over fear of scarcity)
  3. Criminal behaviour (when they is scarcity in a country crime increases. The systems of world are in a point now where people are doing the most undignified thing to survive.
    Let look what government and countries are doing, most countries don’t believe in same sex married but United Nation says the world trade organisation says; if you want a loan to build a bridge or road then you have to sign on this chatter and the chatter says you must accept same sex married in your country before you get the money. In other word this is prostitution; national prostitution is when a government sells it integrity to get some money for it use.)
  4. The desire to secure material things. When they is scarcity citizen start calling thing just in-case everybody want yours. Materialism is the results of the spirit of individualism that creates the spirit of scarcity where people begin to fight and kill each other to secure material things.  We live to collect things what a tragedy.
  5. We spend entire life time pursing thing we cannot take to eternity. Materialism that we can not transfer in the economy of spiritual world is a tragedy.


They is no alternate expect heaven, this in a reality Jesus come on earth to remove the spirit of ownership and brought with him the gift from our heavenly father God the kingdom of heaven.

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