The Gospel According to Matthew

The Book of Matthew “Gospel”

Date:  AD67 or AD68

Mathew used King and Kingdom, kingdom of heaven 75 times when the other Gospel uses 110 times.

  1. Introduction: The Messianic King. Matthew 1:1-2:23
    Genealogy Mat: 1:1-17
    Infancy Narrative Mat: 1:18-2:23
  2. The Gospel of the Kingdom Mat: 3:1-7:29
    John’s Announcement Mat: 3:1-12
    Jesus’ Baptism Mat: 3:13-17
    “This is my Son” Psalm 2:7, Isaiah 42:1-2 “ whom I love; with him am well pleased”
    Jesus’ Temptation Mat: 4:1-11
    Jesus’ Kingdom Preaching Mat: 4:12-17
    Jesus Calls Disciples Mat: 4:18-22
    Teaching and Healing Mat: 4:23-25
    Sermon on the Mount Mat: 5:1-7:29 (Kingdom mention 7 times)
    Meek Mat: 5:5
    Hunger and thirst for righteousness Mat: 5:6
    Pure in heart Mat: 5:8Matthew 5:3-10, we find 8 Blessed are; The 6 in middle blessing (future) are will be receive in that future day when Kingdom of heaven comes with all fullness but the first and last blessing (Present) are different Jesus said his people already has this blessing.
  3. The Spread of the Kingdom Mat: 8:1-11-1
    Jesus Miracles and Reactions Mat: 8:1-9:38
    A Leper Mat: 8:1-4
    A Centurion’s Servant Mat: 8:5-13
    Peter’s Mother-in-Law Mat: 8:14-17
    A Storm Mat: 8:5-13
    Two Demoniacs Mat: 8:28-24
    A Paralytic Mat: 9:1-8
    Taxi Collector and Sinners Mat: 9:9-17
    A Girl and a Woman Mat: 9:18-26
    Two Blind Men Mat: 9:27-31
    A Demoniac Mat: 9:32-34
    Jesus’ Compassion Mat:9:35-38
    Emissaries of the King Mat: 10:1-11:1

  4. Signs and Parables Mat: 11:2-13:53
    Kingdom Signs Mat: 11:2-12:48
    John the Baptist Mat:11:2-19
    City Crowds Mat: 11:20-30
    Healing on Sabbath Mat: 12:1-21 (Jesus taught Sabbath is for Healing & Saving life)
    Power of Beelzebub Mat: 12:22-37
    Sign of Jonah Mat: 12:38-50
    Kingdom Parables Mat: 13:1-53
    The Sower Mat: 13:1-23
    The Weeds Mat: 13:24-30
    The Mustard Seed and Yeast Mat: 13:31-43
    The Hidden Treasure and Pearl Mat: 13:44-46
    The Net Mat: 13:47-53 (This Parable were design to collect the misunderstanding the Kingdom of God)
  5. Faith and Greatness Mat: 13:54-1835
    Resisting Faith in Jesus Mat: 13:54-17:27
    People of Nazareth Mat:  13:54-58 (Faith Rejected)
    Herod and John the Mat: Baptist 14:1-12
    Feeding five Thousand Mat: 14:13-21
    Walking on Water Mat: 14:22-36
    Dispute with Pharisees Mat: 15:1-20
    Canaatite Woman Mat: 15:21-28
    Feeding Four Thousand Mat: 15:29-39
    Pharisees and Sadducees Mat: 16:1-12
    Peter’s Confession Mat: 16:13-20
    Peter Rejection Mat: 16:21-27
    Jesus’ Transfiguration Mat: 17:1-13
    Young Demoniac Mat: 17:14-23
    Temple Tax Mat: 17:24-27
    Greatness in the Kingdom Family Mat: 18:1-35
    Humility as Children 18:2-4
    Care for the Weak Mat: 18:5-14
    Dealing with Sin Mat: 18:15-20
    Forgiving Sin Mat: 18:21-35
  6. Present Opposition and Future Victory Mat: 19:1-25:46
    Intensifying Opposition Mat: 19:1-22:46
    Opposition in Judea Mat: 19:1-20:16 (Question of Divorce)
    Going to Jerusalem Mat: 20:17-34
    Opposition in Jerusalem Mat: 21:12-22:46
    Future Victory Mat: 23:1-25:46
    Seven Woes 23:1-38
    Olivet Discourse 24:1-25:46
    24:4-28 birth pangs; 24:29-39 Fullness of the Kingdom; 24:32-25:46 coming day of glory
  7. Culmination of Jesus Ministry Mat: 26:1-28:20

Old Testament Heritage by Matthew

  1. Quotation and Allusions
    Matthew quoted Old Testament far more often than the other Gospel writer at least 40 time.
    e.g. “in order that it might be fulfilled”
  2. Kingdom of heaven
    Son of David, King of the Jews, King of Israel, Your king, king.
  3. Messianic King
    Fasting Mat: 9:14-17
    Sabbath Mat: 12:1-13
    Hand Washing Mat: 15:1-20
    Sermon on the Mount Mat: 5:17-48
  4. Unbelieving Jewish Leader
  5. Humility and Gentleness
    Matthew 11:29 Jesus Quoted Jeremiah 6:16
    Matthew 12:15-21 Quoted Isaiah 42:1-4



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