Book of Philemon

The Book of Philemon also know as The Epistle of Paul to Philemon, referred to just as Philemon, is one of the books of the Bible New Testament.

It is a jail letter, co-composed by Paul the Apostle with Timothy, to Philemon, a pioneer in the Colossian church. It manages the subjects of absolution and compromise. Paul does not recognise himself as a missionary with specialist, but rather as “a detainee for Jesus Christ”, calling Timothy “our sibling”, and tending to Philemon as “kindred worker” and “brother.

Onesimus, a slave that had left from his lord Philemon, was coming back with this epistle wherein Paul requested that Philemon get him as a “sibling beloved.”

Philemon was a well off Christian, conceivably a bishop of the house church that met in his home (Philemon 1:1–2) in Colosse. This letter is currently by and large viewed as one of the undisputed works of Paul. It is the most brief of Paul’s surviving letters, comprising of just 335 words in the Greek text.

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