Democracy and Kingdom Differences

Why Kingdom is so Importance?

Democracy and Kingdom Differences

  • In Democracy the people has power but, in the Kingdom the King is the power.
  • In Democracy people create constitution, in Kingdom the King will and words is the constitution.
  • In Democracy people create the Laws, in Kingdom King create the Laws.
  • In Democracy private ownership in the number one pillar, in the Kingdom the King ownership is his Lordship.
  • In Democracy you seek after private wealth, in Kingdom the wealth is common.
  • In Democracy people compete for scarcity, in Kingdom you actually give up what you have, you prefer other people.

In Democracy the individualism in the order of the day, in Kingdom the community is more importance than individual.

The different between Democracy and Kingdom, and the different between earthly kingdom and the Kingdom of God: A Kingdom is a territory, which is a nation ruled by benevolent King.  He is the righteous King he give people what is there’s. If he claim you his citizen, it means he must give you what is righteous your which the access to everything God have.

It fair to Share the Kingdom of God

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