Book of Samuel

The two Books of Samuel (Hebrew: Sefer Shmuel ספר שמואל‎‎) are a piece of the Deuteronomistic history, a progression of books (Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings) in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament that constitute a philosophical history of the Israelite’s which clarifies God’s law for Israel under the direction of the prophets.

Samuel starts with the prophet Samuel’s introduction to the world and God’s call to him as a kid. The account of the Ark of the Covenant that takes after recounts Israel’s mistreatment by the Philistines, which realised Samuel’s blessing of Saul as Israel’s first king. Be that as it may, Saul demonstrated unworthy and God’s decision swung to David, who vanquished Israel’s foes and conveyed the Ark to Jerusalem. God then guaranteed David and his successors an everlasting dynasty.

According to Jewish custom the book was composed by Samuel, with increases by the prophets Gad and Nathan; current academic deduction is that the whole history (called the Deuteronomistic history) was created in the period c. 630–540 BC by joining various autonomous writings of different ages.


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