Book of Romans – Pauls Letter to The Romans

The Book of Romans also know as The Epistle to the Romans or Letter to the Romans, frequently abbreviated to Romans, is the 6th book in the New Testament. Scriptural researchers concur that it was created by the Apostle Paul to clarify that salvation is offered through the good news of Yahshua the Messiah. It is the longest of the Paul epistles and is frequently considered his “most vital philosophical inheritance” and showstopper.

The Book of Romans Contents

This essay-letter composed by Paul was written to a specific audience at a specific time; to understand it, the situations of both Paul and the recipients must be understood.

  1. Prologue (1:1–15)
  2. Greeting (1:1–7)
  3. Prayer of Thanksgiving (1:8–15)
  4. Salvation in the Christ (1:16–8:39)
  5. Righteousness of God (1:16–17)
  6. Condemnation: The Universal corruption of Gentiles and Jews (1:18–3:20)
  7. The judgement of God (1:18–32)
  8. Paul’s warning of hypocrites (2:1–4)
  9. Justification: The Gift of Grace and Forgiveness through Faith (3:21–5:11)
  10. Assurance of salvation (5–11)


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