Book of Peter

They are two books of Peter.

The First Epistle of Peter, as a rule alluded to just as First Peter and frequently composed 1 Peter, is a book of the New Testament. The writer presents himself as Peter the Apostle, and the epistle was customarily held to have been composed amid his time as religious administrator of Rome or Bishop of Antioch, however neither one of the titles is utilised as a part of the epistle. The letter is routed to different houses of worship in Asia Minor enduring religious mistreatment.

Book of 1 Peter Outline

David Bartlett lists the following outline to structure the literary divisions of 1 Peter.

  • Greeting (1:1–2)
  • Praise to God (1:3–12)
  • God’s Holy People (1:13–2:10)
  • Life in Exile (2:11–4:11)
  • Steadfast in Faith (4:12–5:11)
  • Final Greeting (5:12–14)

What is The Book of 1st Peter About? Bible First Peter Letter New Testament


The Second Epistle of Peter, frequently alluded to as Second Peter and composed 2 Peter or in Roman numerals II Peter (particularly in more seasoned references), is a book of the New Testament of the Bible, customarily held to have been composed by Saint Peter. Most present day researchers view it as pseudepigraphical.

Second Peter cites from and adjusts Jude extensively, and addresses an undermining blasphemy which had emerged in light of the fact that the foreseen Second Coming of Christ had not yet happened. It is the main New Testament book to regard other New Testament compositions as sacred text. Second Peter was one of the last letters incorporated into the New Testament group and is one of the writings that were in debate before the ordinance was settled.

Book of Peter 2 Outline

The letter is usually outlined as follows:

  • Address (2 Peter 1:1–2)
  • Exhortation to Christian Virtue (2 Peter 1:3–21)
  • Condemnation of the False Teachers (2 Peter 2:1–22)
  • The Delay of the Second Coming (2 Peter 3:1–16)
  • Final Exhortation and Doxology (2 Peter 3:17–18)

What is The Book of 2nd Peter About? Bible Second Peter Letter New Testament


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