Book of Malachi

Malachi (or Malachias; Hebrew: מַלְאָכִי) is the last book of the Neviim contained in the Tanakh, the remainder of the twelve minor prophets (authoritatively) and the last book of the Neviim. The Prophetic Books is the last segment of the Old Testament, making Malachi the last book before the New Testament.

The book is normally credited to a prophet by the name of Malachi. Its Hebrew significance is basically “My [i.e., God’s] messenger” (or ‘His messenger’ in the Septuagint) and may not be the creator’s name by any means.

Verse Reference Heading
1:1 (Superscription)
1:2–2:9 Israel Preferred to Edom
2:10–17 The Covenant Profaned by Judah
3:1–7 The Coming Messenger
3:8–15 Do Not Rob God
4:1–5 (3:19–24 in Hebrew) The Great Day of the Lord

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