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The Book of Luke also know as The Gospel According to Luke, additionally called the Gospel of Luke, or just Luke, is the third of the four sanctioned Gospels. It recounts the starting points, birth, service, passing, revival, and rising of Jesus Christ.

Luke is the second-longest of the four accounts, and together with Acts of the Apostles, the combine make up a two-volume work from a similar pen, called Luke–Acts. The foundation of Luke-Acts’ religious philosophy is “salvation history”, the creator’s understanding that God’s motivation is found in the way he has acted, and will keep on acting, in history.

It separates the historical backdrop of first century the gospel making up the initial two of these the landing among men of Jesus the Messiah, from his introduction to the world to the start of his natural mission in the meeting with John the Baptist taken after by his natural service, Passion, demise and revival (finishing up the gospel story in essence).

The gospel’s sources are the Gospel of Mark (for the account of Christ’s natural life), the expressions accumulation called the Q source (for his lessons), and a gathering of material called the L (for Luke) source, which is discovered just in this gospel.

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