Book of Kings

The two Books of Kings (usually alluded to as 1st kings and 2nd kings, or First Kings and Second Kings) finish up a progression of books frequently alluded to as the Deuteronomistic history, running from Joshua through Judges, Samuel and Kings. In the Septuagint, Samuel and Kings was partitioned into four books and Kings wound up plainly III and IV Kings (Greek: Βασιλειῶν, “Lords”).

The two Books of Kings exhibits a background marked by antiquated Israel and Judah from the demise of David to the arrival of Jehoiachin from detainment in Babylon, a time of somewhere in the range of 400 years (c. 960 – c. 560 BCE).

In the Hebrew Bible, Kings is a solitary book called the Book of Kings (Hebrew: ספר מלכים‎, Sepher M’lakhim)., the fourth book of Nevi’im, the second division of the Tanakh, in the sub-amass called the Former Prophets.

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