Book of Jude

The Book of Jude also know as Epistle of Jude, regularly abbreviated to Jude, is the by last book of the New Testament and is ascribed to Jude, the hireling of Jesus and the sibling of James the Just.

The letter of Jude was one of the debated books of the Canon. The connections between the Epistle and 2 Peter, its utilisation of the Apocryphal Books, and its curtness raised concern. It is one of the most limited books in the Bible, being just 25 verses in length.

The Book of Jude Outline

I. Salutation (1-3)

II. Occasion for the Letter (3-4)
A. The change of Subject (3)
B. The Reason for the Change: The Presence of Godless Apostates (4)

III. Warning against the False Teachers (5-16)
A. Historical Examples of the Judgement of Apostates (5-7)
1. Unbelieving Israel (5)
2. Angels who fell (6)
3. Sodom and Gomorrah (7)
B. Description of the Apostates of Jude’s Day (8-16)
1. Their slanderous speech deplored (8-10)
2. Their character graphically portrayed (11-13)
3. Their destruction prophesied (14-16)

IV. Exhortation to Believers (17-23)

V. Concluding Doxology (24-25)

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