Book of Job

The Book of Job (Hebrew: אִיוֹב Iyov) is a book in the Ketuvim (“Writings”) area of the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh), and the main wonderful book in the Old Testament Bible.

Addressing the issue of Theodoric the vindication of the equity of God in the light of humankind’s agony, or all the more essentially, “Why do the noble suffer?” it is a rich philosophical work setting out an assortment of perspectives.

The Story of Job In The Bible Summary

  1. Prologue in two scenes, the first on earth, the second in heaven (Job 1–2)
  2. Job’s opening monologue (Job 3 – seen by some scholars as a bridge between the prologue and the dialogues and by others as the beginning of the dialogues), and three cycles of dialogues between Job and his three friends (Job chapters – the third cycle is not complete, the expected speech of Zophar being replaced by the wisdom poem of chapter 28)
  • First cycle
    Eliphaz (Job 4–5) and Job’s response (Job 6–7)
    Bildad (8) and Job (Job 9–10)
    Zophar (11) and Job (Job 12–14)
  • Second cycle
    Eliphaz (15) and Job (Job 16–17)
    Bildad (18) and Job (Job 19)
    Zophar (20) and Job (Job 21)
  • Third cycle
    Eliphaz (22) and Job (Job 23–24)
    Bildad (25) and Job (Job 26–27)

Book of Job Summary By Chapter – Old Testament Job Story Bible Explained Analysis


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