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The Book of Jeremiah (Hebrew: ספר יִרְמְיָהוּ‎‎; abridged Jer. or, on the other hand Jerem. in references) is the second of the Latter Prophets in the Hebrew Bible, and the second of the Prophets in the Old Testament. The book is a portrayal of the message and centrality of the prophet considerably expected for the Jews in Babylonian outcast: its motivation is to clarify the calamity as God’s reaction to Israel’s agnostic worship: the general population, says Jeremiah, resemble an unfaithful spouse and defiant kids: their unfaithfulness and disobedience make judgement unavoidable, despite the fact that reclamation and another agreement are foreshadowed.

The superscription at part 1:1–3 recognises it as “the expressions of Jeremiah child of Hilkiah,” Jeremiah comes through most unmistakably as a man, ruminating to his recorder Baruch about his part as a hireling of God with minimal uplifting news for his audience.

Jeremiah is composed in an exceptionally perplexing and lovely Hebrew (aside from verse 10:11, inquisitively written in Biblical Aramaic). It has descended in two particular however related forms, one in Hebrew, the other known from a Greek translation.

Structure Summary of the book of Jeremiah chapter by chapter

(Taken from Michael D. Coogan’s A Brief Introduction to the Old Testament; different sources will give somewhat unique divisions)

It is hard to observe any structure in Jeremiah, presumably on the grounds that the book had such a long and complex sythesis history. It can be separated into approximately 6 sections:

  • Chapters 1–25 (The earliest and main core of Jeremiah’s message)
  • Chapters 26–29 (Biographic material and interaction with other prophets)
  • Chapters 30–33 (God’s promise of restoration including Jeremiah’s “new covenant”)
  • Chapters 34–45 (Mostly interaction with Zedekiah and the fall of Jerusalem)
  • Chapters 46–51 (Divine punishment to the nations surrounding Israel)
  • Chapter 52 (Appendix that retells 2 Kings 24.18–25.30)

Book of Jeremiah Explained


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