Book of Galatians

The Book of Galatians also know us The Epistle to the Galatians, frequently abbreviated to Galatians, is the ninth book of the New Testament. It is a letter from Paul the Apostle to various Early Christian people group in Galatia.

Paul is essentially worried with the contention encompassing Gentile Christians and the Mosaic Law amid the Apostolic Age. Paul contends that the Gentile Galatians don’t have to stick to the principles of the Mosaic Law, especially circumcision, by contextualising the part of the law in light of the disclosure of Christ. Galatians has applied colossal impact on the historical backdrop of Christianity, the improvement of Christian religious philosophy, and the investigation of the missionary Paul.

Outline of Galatians – Overview

Saint Paul Writing His Epistles 16th century. Lightfoot notes with respect to verse 6:11 that at this point “the apostle takes the pen from his amanuensis, and the concluding paragraph is written with his own hand”.

Alternative outlines have been introduced based on the rhetorical form of the letter.

Book of Galatians

  • Salutation (1:1–5)
  • No other gospel: Paul expresses displeasure that the community has turned from the gospel (1:6–10)The past of Paul, including his life in Judaism (1:13-14), his “apocalypse” from God, often understood as the Conversion of Paul (1:15-16), and his early ministry (1:17–24) a meeting with the “pillar apostles” in Jerusalem, possibly the Council of Jerusalem reported in Acts 15 (2:1–10)
  • The Paul/Cephas Incident at Antioch, where Cephas backed down from his previous table fellowship with Gentiles (2:11–14)
  • Paul’s speech expressing that Jews, like Gentiles, are declared righteous by faith (2:15–21)
  • A Consideration of Law or Faith (3:1–14)
  • Law and Promise (3:15–20)
  • Slaves and Sons (3:21–4:7)
  • Sons of God (3:26 Concern for the Galatians (4:8–20)
  • Allegorical Interpretation of Hagar and Sarah (4:21–5:1)
  • Christian Freedom (5:1–15)
  • Love thy neighbour (5:14)
  • Fruit of the Spirit (5:16–26)
  • The Law of Christ (6:1–10)
  • Final Warning and Benediction (6:11–18)

The Book of Galatians Explained – Paul’s Letter to The Galatians Summary


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