Book of Colossians

The Book of Colossians also know as Epistle of Paul to the Colossians, more often than not alluded to just as Colossians, is the twelfth book of the New Testament. It was composed, as indicated by the content, by Paul the Apostle and Timothy to the Church in Colossae, a little Phrygian city close Laodicea and around 100 miles (160 km) from Ephesus in Asia Minor.

Researchers have progressively scrutinized Paul’s creation and credited the letter to an early supporter instead. The genuineness of the letter, be that as it may, has been protected with equivalent strength.

Outline of The Book of Colossians

I. Introduction (1:1-14)

A. Greetings (1:1-2)
B. Thanksgiving (1:3-8)
C. Prayer (1:9-14)
II. The Supremacy of Christ (1:15-23)

III. Paul’s Labor for the Church (1:24-2:7)

A. A Ministry for the Sake of the Church (1:24-2:7)
B. A Concern for the Spiritual Welfare of His Readers (2:1-7)
IV. Freedom from Human Regulations through Life with Christ (2:8-23)

A. Warning to Guard against the False Teachers (2:8-15)
B. Pleas to Reject the False Teachers (2:16-19)
C. An Analysis of the Heresy (2:20-23)
V. Rules for Holy Living (3:1-4:6)

A. The Old Self and the New Self (3:1-17)
B. Rules for Christian Households (3:18-4:1)
C. Further Instructions (4:2-6)
VI. Final Greetings (4:7-18)

Outline of The Book of Colossians Explained Summary New Testament


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